Types Of Security

There are different types of security.


    Camera Surveillance, Record Centrally of All Activities, Sound Recording, SnapShots, Night Recording, Tamper Protection, Motion Sensors, Alerts, Two-Way Speaking.


    Applications installed on a device to scan and monitor for Viruses, MalWare, Intrusions, Detection, Prevention, Attacks, Exploits, and sometimes log. Monitor Users Use and access, Secure User's Access through VPN.


    Gateway Devices, Security Appliances, Hardware FireWalls, Web Proxies, Secure Access Terminals, VPN's.

What Are The Risks Of Not Taking Security Measures

  • Data Corruption or Loss that becomes unrecoverable
  • Corporate Espionage
  • Loss of Time and Revenue
  • Increased Costs of DownTime and Increasing Security after the incident
  • Set Backs on Business and Personal Projects
  • Legal
  • Higher Stress Levels

Securing Your Environment
Securing your environment is critical for any size of business. The amounts of information and personal / secure information that is transmitted between you and your partners should be safe & secure. Securing your information on your own devices and system(s) is critical as much as securing the transmission of information. Don't gamble with the your security and data, take measures in securing yourself, your data, and your Business. Contact Us to Find Out More Contact Us