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Why Choose Nexsan

Because in today's world, information is everywhere, in every form. Content is king. And because of that, organizations of all sizes face mounting pressure to efficiently store all the documents, data, images, emails and other kinds of fixed content that define their businesses.

Backup & Recovery

Backup and Recovery shouldn't be difficult or complicated.
It should be Fast, Simple, and Reliable.
Backup and recovery is the first step to a healthy storage design, and protecting and efficiently getting business applications back to work is a top priority. Imation builds backup and recovery storage solutions to ensure that the ultra-reliable storage system you use to protect your data will easily, quickly and efficiently provide recovery, whenever you need it.
Imation backup and recovery storage solutions all have built-in features to help protect and recover data. In addition, we work with leading software suppliers to integrate, test, and certify that our solutions ensure seamless deployment within existing infrastructures for the maximum leverage of existing investments.

Virtual Stroage

Virtualization technologies have proven to be a staple for IT infrastructures, with the major benefit being resource consolidation, reducing the overall amount of hardware and the cost to operate and manage it.
Virtualized environments depend heavily on the random I/O performance of the storage system. Nexsan’s NST5000 unified hybrid storage system is the ideal choice for storing VMs on Network Attached Storage (NAS) featuring NFS, or on advanced iSCSI block storage.

Archive Storage

Offload NAS

Data such as photographs, video, medical records, scanned documents, court evidence, reports, experimental results and email messages do not change. Rather than fill expensive primary NAS with this data, and then wasting time and media backing it up repeatedly, it is best offloaded onto an archive storage system where it will be better protected yet fully available to users and applications.


General-purpose NAS does not always meet demands for corporate compliance or government regulatory compliance. Archive storage is more secure than NAS because all files stored on the system are fingerprinted, optionally encrypted, stored in WORM (write once read many times) format, and protected with a lifetime policy, all in a security-hardened storage system with built-in, multi-site key management and full audit logs.


General-purpose NAS does not meet demands storing or sharing sensitive data in a cloud. Assureon has built-in multi-tenancy that allows a cloud storage provider to service several customers securely off of one Assureon system. Customer’s data can be kept safe with the built-in encryption and multi-site key management of Assureon.

Road To Disaster Recovery

Immediate Remedies

Ensuring continuity is an important consideration for maintaining a healthy and prosperous business. If recovery is ever required by your organization, you’ll appreciate the simple, fast, and ultra-reliable disaster recovery solutions from Imation. All our solutions deliver high density, power- and cost-saving storage for backup and DR of your most critical information.
Because we understand that there’s a difference in the value of how various applications benefit business, we deliver a variety of solutions scaled to match mission objectives with built-in disaster recovery capabilities and features. We also work with leading software suppliers to integrate, test and certify that our solutions ensure seamless deployment within existing infrastructures for maximum leverage of investments.

Bulk Storage

Bulk Storage

Datacenters are taxed with efficiently storing growing volumes of data. Rack space is at a premium, and power and cooling costs have to be minimized. The ability to modularly add SATA, SAS SSDs is highly desirable. Dense storage is ideal because it saves rack space and minimizes wire interconnects, which are potential failure points. Support for snapshots, replication and disaster recovery directly by the disk array is usually required as well.

Surveillance NVR


By its very nature, digital video surveillance (DVS) is an application that requires significant storage, as organizations need to have 24x7 accountability to ensure the security of their facilities. However, most businesses often end up spending more than they need to meet their DVS storage needs.
Using a typical configuration of 10 cameras running at 15 frames per second, a low-density and low-cost block storage solution, such as the Nexsan E18 RAID array is capable of storing well over a hundred days of round-the-clock surveillance. The highly efficient E-Series storage systems are the perfect solution for the vast majority of the DVS market, where camera recording stops and starts using motion detection analytics. E-Series delivers the performance and efficiency required while offering choice in capacity to meet varying deployment needs.

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

If the delivery of cloud services is important to you, then you already understand that to prosper in today's economy, you need to count on the rapid delivery of scalable best-in-class services, cost containment and risk reduction. Cloud services are built on technologies that meet these objectives.
But not all technologies are created equal. And that's why Imation's highly efficient storage solutions are built to augment the inherent value created by delivering services through the cloud.
Imation's enterprise-class, easy-to-use and efficient storage solutions offer the best value within an organization's storage infrastructure, particularly for medium-sized businesses and mid-tier deployments in large organizations. That's because Nexsan offers a unique combination of cost-effective, high-density, scalable storage built to work hand in glove with software used to create cloud-computing infrastructures. And Nexsan storage solutions are also peerless when it comes to energy efficiency–in some cases, providing up to 87% better efficiency when compared to competing solutions.


E-Series Products

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